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Manual Tension Controller
Manual Tension Controller

Manual tension baffle-board adopts double power supply, whose main circuit adopts electric current feed backing and pulse width PWM to control output. The circuit has characteristic of outputting current steady, heating low of power tube,etc.
It works steadier because we adopt single-power supply of 30V input when designing the circuit board.
Technical Parameters

Model KDT-1 KDT-2A KDT-4A
Working voltage AC30V±15% AC30V±15% AC30V±15%
Outputting current 0-2A 0-2A 0-4A
Electric current fluctuate ≤0.02A ≤0.02A ≤0.02A
Mix potentiometer   4.7K/2W 4.7K/2W
Mix transformer   63W,220V/30V 100W,220V/30V
Mix magnetic power clutch 1.5-20KG 1.5-20KG 1.5-40KG


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